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DevOps+ Research Laboratory of Nanjing University NANJING UNIVERSITY · SOFTWARE INSTITUTE IT-XIA ABNormal-Team (Former) NJUMSC

My Motto


YDJSIR,who selects his hobby as his profession and bases his work on his profession, is endeavoring for fulfulling his dream in computer technologies. He wants to be a cloud computing backend engineer.

YDJSIR Believes:

Talk is cheap, show me your code!

Personal Website

Versions Links
English Version https://ydj.abn-team.top/
中文版 https://www.ydjsir.com.cn/

📫 How to Reach Me on Other Platforms

Platform Link
Bilibili https://space.bilibili.com/16386098
GitHub Pages https://ydj.abn-team.top/
GitHub https://github.com/YDJSIR-NJU

🌱 I’m currently working on…

Project Address Contribution
https://github.com/NJU-SE-15-share-review/professional-class Management & Material Providing
https://github.com/ABNAA Organization Management & Website Maintainence