The Promise of 2035:Academic Love-2035-LTS

This is YDJSIR’s long-cherished wish .

This is an important reason why YDJSIR chose major related to Computer Science.

The negotiation of the AVG engine, corresponding cloud technologies and services together with the example work, Academic Love can be amazing.


UPAE(Universal Platform-independent AVG Engine) always stands with UAC(Universal AVG Cloud).

YDJSIR is clear that YDJSIR still need much efforts to build such technology stacks. Additionally, the nearest release is due in 2035, so nobody will know what are the mainstream technologies at that time. So YDJSIR only lists some key features.

Academic Love: An AVG of How Chinese Highschool Students Chase for Their Dreams in Specific Disciplines

This is not only one of YDJSIR’s dreams, but also a challenge of YDJSIR’s abilities.

YDJSIR wants to show the ideal highschool life in China in YDJSIR’s mind.

Summary of Structure of Several Disciplines Replicate of the Great Bay Area The Atmosphere of Excellent Highschool
Knowledge Trees
Mock exams of NCEE
Show several prosperous bay area cities Show the life of above average students in excellent highschools.