The Desire for Development: from Playing to Professional

——The final thesis for the 2019 freshmen instruction lesson of Software Institute of Nanjing University School of Software

My Motto

She sees the moon, but her beloved is out of sight;

She’d follow it to shine on her beloved one’s face.


Could the almost innate desire and longing for something exist? Can the so-called Inside Identity really change fate? Now, the answer to both questions is “yes” without hesitation. After completing a series of offline “soft engineering tutorial” courses and online “program ape and siege lion” MOOC online course content, I firmly believe that on the excellent platform NJUSE, I can impact technology Peak, let your exploration of program development from playing tickets to love, to achieve personal aspirations and technical ideals.

Yearning for Geek life

The obscure yearning has rooted in elementary school times. And at the beginning of junior high school, my dreams started. After the establishment of dreams in high school, my pursuit of software development grows from a pure pursuit of creative happiness to being determined to select this will my career and hobby, completed the concept of the transition from playing to professional. Previously, in junior high school, I tried to build a Minecraft server and related websites. In high school, in a school being known for OI, I learned about GitHub, version control management, Unity development, etc. and I have a preliminary understanding of the IT industry With a clear yearning.

Therefore, I want to be a true professional Geek, leaving my unique contribution to the world of 0 and 1. I want to fulfill the transition from exaggerated talkers at my current level to be one of those with certain strengths who love life and work.

The Beginning of Dream Chasing and My Prospect of the Future


Looking forward, I meet the end of the college entrance examination. My parents who originally supported me to choose a computer-related major saw my score and hoped that I would choose the eight-year doctoral clinical medicine major of Sun Yat-sen University. At this time, I was also confused. Thanks to the perseverance of the admission teacher of the Department of Mathematics of Nanjing University, otherwise I will not be able to write these words here.

Here, I finally have the conditions for free and full touch of technology. Although most of us have no previous experience, the desire for technology has become a consensus. My love has finally become my major. Although, the beginning of my programming journey was not that smooth; I was half-dead by the OJ question of the Web group of the Association of Science and Technology and had to give up halfway, and being unable to read nearly all kinds of classic textbooks; however, I am still making progress. Programming can make me excited and even insomnia. When I came across MOOCCODE platform (the project that Chen Zhenyu did?), I can’t wait to stay up with my roommate to clear the entire content of Blockly programming game.

In the “Software Industry Tutorial” and “Program Ape and Siege Lion” classes, I finally have a comprehensive and basic understanding of this industry. Human-computer interaction, software methods, AI, the Internet, entrepreneurship, and keynote speeches have made me passionate. I have had experience in Minecraft servers and small websites before, and I am widely known among the students. I am very active in the class, so that Professor Liu Jia joked that he should drop out of school immediately. However, the campus environment and resources are still what I need. For now, I’m too tender.

Enter the Society: Balance between Hobby and Job

First of all, I really hope to go to the industry, where I can and catch up with the trend. Secondly, I also hope that there will be more abundant cash flow for me to achieve my ideals, but it does not exclude the choice of joining research institutions to continue my exploration. In addition to doing my job well, supporting myself and my parents, I also hope to make my own contribution in the open source community. At present, I hope to develop a completely open source, cross-platform, graphical programming supported and scripting language intergrated AVG game engine that support general programming languages in the same time.

Lifelong learning is naturally indispensable for me, and open source work itself is also an experience of myself. There is both a love and a desire in my mind when facing challenges. This is the balance between my personal ambitions and technical pursuits. I am engaged in software development, not only to earn income from development, but also to gain a sense of accomplishment.


“Talk is cheap, show me your code.”

This motto is my belief in terms of technology. For a long time, I always “say but not necessarily do”, but now, I am working hard to “do but not necessarily say”. Rather than just bragging, it is better to arm myself with real technology. Although my execution and perseverance are still inadequate, but my heart is facing the distant sea of stars. Even though there are bumps on the road, I am willing to actively respond to them.

To be continued…