Puppy love seems to be a hit in China. No parent can take the initiative on the significant issue of whereabouts choice. However, there are always some feelings that naturally arise in suitable or inappropriate places. Although the emotion at this time is dim, it is sincere. Even if it is naive, it is valuable. Most importantly, it will be unforgettable.

However, what is even more unimaginable is that such a team made such a story into Galgame and put it on Steam®. Its English version has won widespread praise in the West, and the Chinese version is hailed as a milestone for domestic Galgame.

This work is a valuable learning goal for me, and it is also a strong shot before my college entrance examination in reality. As a semi-commercial product, although its production is refreshing, it still does not reach the level of a large factory; continuous maintenance and update are also lacking. However, its status is always unshakable.


If one day brings you back to the past


You want to try something new


The old known trajectory may change


No one can tell how things have changed

On February 27, 2014, in the classroom of the third and sixth classes of Huayi High School (the prototype is the NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University in Wuhan, Hubei), in the light of sunset, the actor’s Gaolian suddenly Completed the confession to his friend Mu Xin and achieved unexpected success. Since then, in the 100 days before this college entrance examination began. The characters will have different futures according to their own decisions in the struggle with schools, parents, and academics.

As a dream catcher preparing to develop in the technical direction, I hope that I can create more tools suitable for the development of AVG with my technology, and let AVG’s creation return to art and reality itself indulge in the game with 01. Everyone with a story should be able to create their Galgame.

The game owns both social and artistic value. The developer and his friends manage to create the game, leading this topic to be discussed in the field of educational simulation and AVG. Though the game doesn’t have complex effects or R18 contents, the game enjoy such high reputation and get a remark of “very positive”. As is known, puppy love is always a sensitive topic in China. Most Chinese parents warn their children not to touch it, for their worry of harming their student’s study. However, pure affection is always growing all around China. As a Chinese student, I understood the importance of making responsible decisions for myself of my own. No matter how others think and do to us, the future of ours is still a matter of us. Just like the hero, studying in an excellent school with a not that brilliant score while struggling with affection with two familiar girls, I am also endeavoring in the reality. Though I get NE50 in both game and the reality, I would not be regretful or forget the girls I meet in the reality and in the game. But there is also a disadvantage in the game, for the game lack description of the data changes result from each operation and many item’s function will be hard to understand without a Chinese culture background. The game may not be so easy to be understand by westerners, but it is really a good way to learn about Chinese educations’ feature. So I hope that the developer can add more description in its future versions. Noticing that the school in the game was adapted from a real school in China, the No.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal school is an excellent school, which can be seen as a miracle in examination-oriented education system. The schools don’t have too much strange regulations to rule the students, and it encourage students’ all-round development. With nearly all smartest heads in Hubei Province joining it, it has amazing achievements, but of course it could not stand for all Chinese schools. If you want to know more, I suggest you to play Chinese Parents on Steam®. And many alumnus and students of the school appreciate this work, for it express their school’s excellence and daily lives in their school.

The pictures is very moderate but good enough, and its music is amazingly good. The music accompany me through my high school days, encourage me to think my future, be less stressful, and gather my confidence to face obstacles in my way. Music is a form of art that is most suitable for communication among cultures. I am sure that you will be fascinated by these works, especially 11-Fantaisie de Nuit Silencieuse and 10-Nuit Silencieuse. The theme song also becomes my favorite song. And I also expect an English version of the PV of the theme song. The Chinese version can be found on Bilibili, called “未来的志愿书-洛天依Ver”.

The heroines are also good. As a lover of Luo Xiaohan, I appreciate her independence and diligence in facing such difficult situations. Of course, I love her long hair, C-Level breast, tall and thin build and glinting eyes. Moreover, I am thankful to her companion in the hero’s early days and her help for my Science study. Last but not least, she is loyal to her love no matter what her lover is and always be calm in dealing with these problems. Consequently, I select Xiaohan. And my choice can be proved by the change of portrait of the game’s Weibo account (a platform in China like Twitter). Many players also express their love to her. If you consider Muxin as a naive naughty girl who don’t have a clear self-image, Xiaohan is bound to be the hero’s soul mate.
I feel sorry that the developer didn’t make translations of the extra stories of the game. The Next class’s Xiaohan and the Six Months Later series can be excellent. Also, the free talks and Extra Book are not subtitled. Additionally, as a future programmer, I am dreaming of devoting myself to the production of these independent game that reflect modern China so as to promote understanding between China and the world.

And HSYFZ(NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University), also left a touch of eternal Huayi Red in my heart. Such an excellent school has also become a high ground in my heart. At this time, I couldn’t help singing the song of the school in reality:






If I am lucky enough to meet an alumnus of NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University, I would like to treat him or her sincerely. After all, meeting is also a kind of fate.

==SWI, NJU Welcomes alumnus of NO.1 Middle school Affiliated to Central China Normal University!==